Are you fed up living the life you should, and ready to start living the life you could?

The Relabel Rebels are Mags Thomson and Sandra Rios Vital. We are on a mission to challenge your thinking and relabel your life.

What is success? How will you get there?

With a little help you can figure out where your life is not working for you, and tweak your priorities to create a life full of juicy joy!

We know both the joys and pitfalls of corporate careers and life in general.
We have lived in the dark cages of boredom and have survived rude awakenings (aka do not try this at home situations).

How to Get Back on Track

We’re all multi-talented and skilled. There is lots we COULD do. However, what we SHOULD do is what makes us tick. It’s never too late to get back on track.

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Create Your Dream in 15 Minutes a Day

Is the eternal hunt for motivation keeping your from actually achieving your goals? As long as you are searching for motivation, you are not DOING anything.

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Mags Thomson

Mags is an author, illustrator and solopreneur who woke up and left the corporate world years ago.

Mags has a knack for giving practical and down to earth advice in a way that makes it easy to relate to.

Her writing aims to empower readers to take charge and follow their passion (without forgetting that there are bills to pay, cats to cuddle and dishes to be done).

Mags is determined to put her experiences to good use and help people all around the globe to find positivity, loving kindness and happiness in their lives.


Sandra Vital

Call Sandra what you like: Joyful Connector, Conscious Catalyst, Focus Facilitator, Awareness Advocate, Clarity Counselor, Transformation Aide…As she simply says:

I am Sandra. I am passionate about optimizing Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit.

Sandra doesn’t dance around the issue (although she does love to salsa), she tells it like it is.

Sandra is still working full-time as a corporate lawyer and is beating her own bore-out by venturing out into the online world.

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